Great Oaks Academy Parent Group Code of Conduct

The GOA Parent Group believes that participation in the Parent Group in an important and integral part of the total school program. 

It is our belief that the core ingredients of character should be displayed when interacting with faculty and students via these core ethical values: trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, teamwork and hard work. 

Our mission for being is to be a group that uplifts and supports the parents and community of Great Oaks Academy, providing resources to better the environment and school for our children by coordinating the efforts of the parents and supporting the relationships within the school. 

Finally, we believe that sincere and good faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the well being of the dynamic relationship with our staff and students.

 Parent Group Volunteers have an expectation to treat others with dignity and respect. As members of the Parent Group our behavior is reflective on the Parent Group and our school community.

 Parent Group Volunteers shall not take advantage of their relationship with staff or students for personal advantage.

 Parent Group Volunteers will actively promote the good health and well being of staff and students. 

Parent Group Volunteers are to be fair and will not show preferential treatment in their volunteer roles.

 Parent Group Volunteers will be faithful to the educational and character development goals of the school and assure that these objectives are not compromised. 

Parent Group Volunteers shall not in the performance of their duties by words or conduct demonstrate prejudice or bias based on race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, and will not allow members of their committee or those under their influence to do so. 

Committees: It is imperative that volunteers realize that committee meetings are where details of a particular effort are discussed. This can take place in face-to-face meetings or group emails. Each member of the committee should be given the opportunity to express their point and advocate for their position. However, once everyone has spoken and a vote is made, the committee will move forward with the majority opinion. 

If you feel a program you are involved with is not honoring this Code, it is important for you to address your grievances with the Parent Group Steering Board and willing to meet to reconcile the differences. If reconciliation is unattainable, then one solution may be that those involves are asked to step off the program. In no way will disruptive behavior be tolerated. 

Parent Group Meetings: These monthly meetings are held to discuss upcoming events, talk about previous meetings and to coordinate volunteer opportunities for said events. This is not the place to discuss grievances. We can answer questions or attempt to give guidance as to who to speak to regarding certain topics, but all issues should be brought to school administration, who are always very accessible. 

Under no circumstances is uncooperative behavior acceptable in Parent Group dealings whether with fellow Parent Group members or school staff. Reports from school staff, students, or other volunteers may result in losing the privilege of serving on a committee and attending meetings. 

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