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The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the educational and social experiences at Great Oaks Academy in Farmington, Minnesota.  As a fundraising organization within the school, we aim to enrich and enhance educational activities, programs, and materials available to all teachers and students of the Great Oaks Academy community.  We also sponsor ​programs and events focused to increase school spirit through the social interaction of students, families, teachers, and staff.

Here at Great Oaks Academy Parent Group, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2020, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.
About Us
  •  5/5/2022 12:30 PM
  •   Great Oaks Academy

Pick up your Gertens flower order from the Great Oaks Academy partking lot between 1-5pm

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  •  4/6/2022 12:30 PM
  •   Great Oaks Academy

Help us celebrate the teachers of Great Oaks Academy

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  •  4/4/2022 08:30 AM - 4/6/2022 02:30 PM
  •   Great Oaks Academy
  •  4/4/2022 08:30 AM - 4/8/2022 02:30 PM
  •   Great Oaks Academy

Monday 4/4 - Crazy Hair/Hat Day Tuesday 4/5 - Dress up as your favorite book or historical character day Weds 4/6 - Spirit Wear Day/Teacher Appreciation Day Thursday 4/71 - Timeline/Decade Day Friday 4/8 - Pajama Day and All School Reading Party

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  •  3/11/2022 05:00 PM
  •   Great Oaks Academy

**MUST PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE EVENT.** Purchase a whole pizza for $12 or pizza by the slice. Popcorn, candy, and drinks for sale. Raffle tickets available.

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  •  2/23/2022 08:00 AM - 4/1/2022 04:00 PM
  • Online Event

Join us in selling Gertens flowers and gift cards to raise funds for our Parent Group. Prizes for the most sold.

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Parent Group Meeting Dates

October 19, 2021 7-830pm

November 15, 2021 7-830pm

December 14, 2021 7-830pm

January 18, 2022 7-830pm

February 15, 2022 7-830pm

March 15, 2022 7-830pm

April 19, 2022 7-830pm

May 17, 2022 7-830pm

June 21, 2022 7-830pm

To make a donation to the Great Oaks Academy Angel Fund, please Venmo or PayPal the Parent Group. Cash or checks are accepted.  Please email the GOA Parent Group for that option.

The donated money will go to Great Oaks Academy to help with unpaid lunch fund balances.

Venmo - @GAOParentGroup

PayPal -


Parent Board Group

Volunteering is a great way to support the Great Oaks Academy community while also getting to know teachers, staff, students, and their families. Many of the activities we support are made possible only by the generous efforts of volunteers like you!

President: Angi Baumel
The President shall preside at all monthly meetings of Great Oaks Academy Parent Group and Executive Board. The President shall act as the direct liaison between The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group and the Director of the Great Oaks Academy and the Board of Directors. Additional Presidential duties include representing The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group as a whole and assuring all officers and/or committee members are performing their duties.

Vice President: Melissa Joseph
The Vice-President shall assist the President in all duties. In absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President. The Vice-President shall perform all public relation duties including building enthusiasm, involvement, and sharing information via print and social media interaction.

Treasurer: Karrie Krear-Klostermeier
The Treasurer shall receive and receipt all monies of The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group then deposit all money in the name of The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group in the bank(s) selected by the Executive Board.  All monies deposited shall be withdrawn only by check signed by the Treasurer and/or President for such purposes as required by the Executive Board or via authorized debit card holders.  The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a financial statement monthly and at the end of the school year to The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group and shall report to The Great Oaks Academy Parent Group membership at each meeting.

Secretary: Amanda Johnson
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular and Executive Board meetings and report to the membership at each meeting.  All minutes will be posted on the Great Oaks Academy Parent Group website and Facebook page.  The Secretary will oversee the Great Oaks Academy Parent Group email account.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Open Position
The Volunteer Coordinator shall work with committee chairs and the Parent Group Board to fill needed volunteers for PG events. They will also be responsible for organizing volunteers during events.

Community Events Coordinator:  Open Position
This position is responsible for working with committee chairs and the PG Board to organize Parent Group Events.

 Committee Chairs

Book Fair: Open position
The Book Fair not only encourages students to read, it also provides free books to classrooms and the library. This position works directly with Scholastic Books and Usborne Books to coordinate fair dates, book delivery and pick-up, and fair set-up. Responsibilities also include coordinating volunteers to work the fair.

Olympic Field Day: Open position
The responsibilities of this position include: select and plan the event stations, provide Board with a list of supplies and volunteers needed for each station, and coordinate grade level times.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Open Position
We are lucky to have the most amazing teachers at Great Oaks Academy. This position is responsible for planning daily activities, with funds from the Parent Group, to show our Teachers how much we appreciate all they do.

Teacher Conference Dinners: Open position
Our teachers put in extra-long days during parent-teacher conferences and the Parent Group wants to help lighten their load by providing dinner on each of these days. The responsibilities of this position are to plan meals.

Yearbook: Open position
What a great way for students to look back and remember all the fun and friends from previous years!  This position is responsible for taking photos, soliciting photos from parents and teachers, and working to design the annual yearbook. 

GOA Parent Group Bylaws

October 2020 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

November 2020 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

December 2020 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

February 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

March 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

April 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

May 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes

June 2021 Parent Group Meeting Minutes




Great Oaks Academy Parent Group Code of Conduct

The GOA Parent Group believes that participation in the Parent Group in an important and integral part of the total school program. 

It is our belief that the core ingredients of character should be displayed when interacting with faculty and students via these core ethical values: trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, teamwork and hard work. 

Our mission for being is to be a group that uplifts and supports the parents and community of Great Oaks Academy, providing resources to better the environment and school for our children by coordinating the efforts of the parents and supporting the relationships within the school. 

Finally, we believe that sincere and good faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the well being of the dynamic relationship with our staff and students.

 Parent Group Volunteers have an expectation to treat others with dignity and respect. As members of the Parent Group our behavior is reflective on the Parent Group and our school community.

 Parent Group Volunteers shall not take advantage of their relationship with staff or students for personal advantage.

 Parent Group Volunteers will actively promote the good health and well being of staff and students. 

Parent Group Volunteers are to be fair and will not show preferential treatment in their volunteer roles.

 Parent Group Volunteers will be faithful to the educational and character development goals of the school and assure that these objectives are not compromised. 

Parent Group Volunteers shall not in the performance of their duties by words or conduct demonstrate prejudice or bias based on race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, and will not allow members of their committee or those under their influence to do so. 

Committees: It is imperative that volunteers realize that committee meetings are where details of a particular effort are discussed. This can take place in face-to-face meetings or group emails. Each member of the committee should be given the opportunity to express their point and advocate for their position. However, once everyone has spoken and a vote is made, the committee will move forward with the majority opinion. 

If you feel a program you are involved with is not honoring this Code, it is important for you to address your grievances with the Parent Group Steering Board and willing to meet to reconcile the differences. If reconciliation is unattainable, then one solution may be that those involves are asked to step off the program. In no way will disruptive behavior be tolerated. 

Parent Group Meetings: These monthly meetings are held to discuss upcoming events, talk about previous meetings and to coordinate volunteer opportunities for said events. This is not the place to discuss grievances. We can answer questions or attempt to give guidance as to who to speak to regarding certain topics, but all issues should be brought to school administration, who are always very accessible. 

Under no circumstances is uncooperative behavior acceptable in Parent Group dealings whether with fellow Parent Group members or school staff. Reports from school staff, students, or other volunteers may result in losing the privilege of serving on a committee and attending meetings. 

Signed: ___________________________________________  Date: _________________________